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How can my campus get involved in NCSAM?

Join us this September as we plan for our biggest NSCAM yet! Safe Campus, Strong Voices is a national initiative organized by the Clery Center and Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment (PAVE) for National Campus Safety Awareness Month.

If you are interested in receiving FREE Safe Campus, Strong Voices information and resources, please fill out our Safe Campus, Strong Voices application form. An electronic version of the resources will be available starting May 17 and you will be redirected to the download page once you complete the application. Additional materials will be sent throughout the summer.

Join the conversation! Here are some ways to share what you’re doing year-round for NCSAM:
  • Visit the Safe Campus, Strong Voices page on Facebook. Click “Like” and tag us when you post NCSAM photos, comments and events.
  • Use the #SCSV hashtag on Twitter and follow us @SCSVCampaign.
  • Add your events to our list on this site by filling out this form.

What are some campus safety concerns?

Unfortunately, college campuses are not immune to destructive behaviors and violence. Some current issues impacting college campuses are: high risk drinking, illegal drug use, prescription drug abuse, sexual assault, stalking, relationship violence, hazing, hate crimes, and fire safety.

What can I do to increase safety on my campus?

Campus safety must be a community effort – students, faculty, university employees, and parents must all work together to foster an environment where individuals treat each other with respect and intervene when harmful situations occur.

There are many different ways to be a good friend or bystander including:

  • making sure a friend that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol gets home safely
  • stopping a friend from pushing drinks on an individual who has made the decision not to drink or has had too much to drink
  • communicating your boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others
  • speaking up if someone makes a comment that is derogatory or abusive
  • distracting someone who is harassing a classmate by asking him/her a question or knocking something over
  • choosing not to participate in hazing and speaking out against destructive behaviors


Trust your instincts – the goal is to intervene in a way that is safe for you and those around you.

Make the PACT!

PACT5 Day of Action - September 25




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